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Johns Hopkins/NCI COVID 19 Healthcare Practice Survival Kit $259.99 

The SARS-CoV-19 virus and its COVID -19 respiratory illness is having a devastating impact on the health of thousands of Americans. What is being overlooked by many is the equally devastating effects the virus is having on healthcare practices. All types of healthcare practices are all experiencing empty waiting rooms and cancellations. The impact on people’s lives is disrupting the business side of healthcare practices. To effectively address this disruption requires business skills and immediate decisive action.

Johns Hopkins/NCI Business of Medicine "Pocket MBA" $1,120.00 

All healthcare providers understand the need for business skill in today’s medicine. We also know that we don’t have the time or the money to spend getting an MBA. We do know that we can take 16 hours, learning at our own speed, on our own device, in our own homes over the next 3 months to change the way we view our jobs and empower us to retake control of our work

Johns Hopkins/NCI Value Based Care Boot Camp $349.99 

Find value in your practice that you did not know was there. Learn to be more efficient, profitable, and successful engaging patients. Small changes can often times have dramatic results. These are MBA level skills from Johns Hopkins that are highly relevant and ready to use.

Johns Hopkins/NCI Healthcare Finance Boot Camp $259.99 

You need to acquire healthcare finance skill in order to represent your practice and your patient’s best interests. No matter your practice setting finance decisions are being made that directly affect you. Learn the language of finance and participate in those decisions or be left out.

Johns Hopkins/NCI Medicare New Revenue Program $129.99 

New Medicare programs that are both profitable and a beneficial to your patients.