CTCP - TS: Certified Telemedicine Clinical Presenter with Telestroke Specialty

Telestroke programs are created to provide fast response to stroke patients in rural or remote areas.  The Certified Telemedicine Clinical Presenter with Telestroke Specialty Certification (CTCP- TS) is designed to provide the skills to correctly and confidently present stroke patients during virtual encounters with physicians and a variety of specialists.

PREREQUISITE: Must be clinically trained to complete a basic exam.

CTCP Certification includes the following modules:

  1. Telemedicine/Telehealth Essentials
  2. Telemedicine Clinical Applications: Live Video and Store & Forward
  3. Telemedicine Consultation: Before, During and After
  4. Video Conferencing Etiquette, Record Keeping, and Maintaining Presenter Skills
  5. The Attributes of a Successful Telemedicine Program and the Promotion & Advancement of Telehealth
  6. Remote Patient Monitoring
  7. Mobile Technologies and Cloud Computing


  1. What is a stroke? 
  2. Stroke Pathology
  3. Initial stroke management
  4. Ischemic & Hemorrhagic Stroke Treatment
  5. Introduction to Stroke Telemedicine

Learning Outcome Standard:

This course is based on the “Get with the Guidelines” program from The Joint Commission and the national standard for a Certified Telehealth Clinical Presenter.

Learning Outcomes Conditions:

  • Complete self-paced certification in its entirety.
  • Complete certification within 30 days.
  • Pass all quizzes and final with 80% or better.

CEU:  You will receive a completion certificate with 0.4 CEU/4 credit hours for this course when all Learning Outcomes Conditions have been met.

Approximate Learning Time: 3 - 5 hours

Price:  $389.00

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this course, please contact John Maxwell.